Team Members Celebrating Five Years of Service


Last week, we celebrated the holidays, dressed up in tacky sweaters and ate yummy food. Quite a few of our team members also celebrated their five year anniversaries.

Our breakfast, outfitted with a delicious spread from Cracker Barrel, came complete with individual pancake syrup bottles, and vegan options, courtesy of Christie Davis! It was a fantastic experience to celebrate with about 90 of us here at MCCi Headquarters and spread across 14 states online with our remote team. We divvied up the gifts for the local and remote team members and laughed at some of the creative gifts our colleagues received. Notably, the taco stand was a hit.

We wanted to give special recognition to our team members who have served at MCCi for five years:

  1. Bonnie Hutchinson, Marketing Director
  2. Quaramus “Q” Ross, Support Systems Analyst II
  3. Lindsey Fearington, Controller
  4. Marie Grosh, Scanning Division Manager

We are #StrongerTogether and so very grateful for each of you!

Team Members Celebrating Five Years of Service