MCCi's Laserfiche Virginia Team Took a Road Trip for a Local Workshop

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MCCi / Apr 05, 2019

Last week our team took a road trip to Virginia to visit clients to train on their content management solution, Laserfiche. They taught five workshops in three days with more than 120 clients in attendance. Staff members included Human Resource, Finance, Sheriff’s Office, Police, Parks and Rec, IT, Community Development, Clerk’s Office, Human Services, Records Management, Treasurer, and Revenue departments across the organization.

Clients attended to learn how Laserfiche benefits their future of work.

MCCi local Laserfiche workshop

The agenda included:

• Education for existing users and potential users on the full capabilities of Laserfiche – It’s not just a Digital File Cabinet.

• Live demos on how Laserfiche can solve multiple business challenges that departments face using complete HR Automation as a familiar example.

• Discussion on how Laserfiche can work hand-in-hand with existing systems – providing a fully integrated and streamlined user experience.

• Dialogue on how Laserfiche can replace, consolidate, and improve upon any or all of an organization’s outgrown or outdated processes.

• Demonstrated how easy it is to get started with Forms and Workflow – from scratch, or getting a head start using pre-built templates from the Business Process Library.

• Current challenges for their organization and how Laserfiche readily addresses them.

• Tips and best practices for using Laserfiche to its fullest potential.

If you would like to schedule a Laserfiche workshop for your team, contact us to schedule one for your organization.

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