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Make Annotations Work for You.

MCCi / Jun 28, 2019

Annotations in Laserfiche are a powerful set of tools that allow you to make changes to a document without editing the pages directly. If you are already familiar with making annotations to paper documents, or familiar with other applications that allow you to do this, like Adobe, you will find Annotations easy to use. With Annotations, you may return to a document at any time to edit. Watch the video below to learn more.

Making changes to annotation properties, like color or opacity, is made easy with Laserfiche’s tools. You can highlight text and choose custom fill colors, and create annotations that may be labeled private or protected. Private annotations allow the owner to have comments that can be seen only by them, and protected mode allows others to see the comments, but they will not be able to change the comments. You may also create stamps on documents for reviews, approvals and more.

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