And they're not afraid to get dirty! See how our executives conduct their strategic planning retreats.

Social media can reach people in an instant, and when our VP of Sales shared that MCCi took on the Tough Mudder in Nashville on Instagram a couple of weeks ago, the office started buzzing about our leadership executives who braved something that most would never dare to do.

The Instagram post about their team building day!
The Instagram post about their team building day!

Our leadership team is laser-focused on achieving the goals of the company, and we have the opportunity to witness their ‘whatever it takes’ attitude first hand. This attitude carries through our Company culture. MCCi is rapidly growing, and in case you missed that blog, we were recently announced as one of Inc. 5000’s fastest-growing companies for 2019. What you may not know is how MCCi got here. Our executives and team members stretch outside their comfort zones, overcome obstacles and push for greatness for the betterment of all parties involved. The best part? Our client focus. We all sleep well at night, knowing that we provide technology solutions to empower organizations to change lives and our world every day. The impact that our solutions have for our clients and the people they serve is what inspires our leadership team to encourage all of us to step up our game.

We wanted to learn more about how they approached their strategic planning retreat and why they chose the Tough Mudder as their team building activity. We asked the leadership team collectively, and here’s what they had to say:

  1. How far in advance did you plan your retreat? Six weeks prior.
  2. How often do you plan retreats like this, and why? Bi-annually. The purpose is for strategic planning, as well as inspecting the execution of our existing strategic plans. The retreats are timed so that the one occurring in September/October is primarily focused on strategic planning for the following one, three, and five year periods, with a deep dive into next year’s budget, team, and goals. Our spring retreat’s purpose is to ensure that the strategic marketing plan we agreed upon gets executed early in the year.
  3. What were the main items on your agenda? Strategic planning for the future, inspecting existing plans and reviewing our top five opportunities/issues so that we could tackle them together.
  4. Why was Tough Mudder chosen as the team building activity? It was Traci’s idea. She thought we would say no! Our team tries to prioritize exercise as a way to have mental breaks and stay healthy.
  5. Why did you choose Nashville, TN, as the location? The Tough Mudder race was there and fit with our timing needs. We typically plan our retreats on the weekend so that they won’t distract us from collaborating with our teams during the workweek.
  6. What was the purpose of this retreat? Strategic Planning for 2020 and beyond. The Executive team continuously needs to stay in sync with our strategies. We thoroughly discussed our goals, ideas, and challenges together.
  7. How was it structured? We always come prepared to discuss our top growth initiatives; we gear the results towards the formulation of our budget, goals, vision, rocks, issues, etc. We use the EOS model of planning.
  8. What were the top three things that you accomplished during the retreat? 2020 Goals, Rocks, and updates to our three and 10-year vision.
  9. What was something great that came out of your ideation process that you didn’t expect? We pivoted in ways that none of us expected. When we create time and space to collaborate, it allows us to put our thinking caps on and think creatively for constructive feedback.
  10. What did you learn about each other in this race? We are all tough mudders!

    Left to Right: CFO, Jim Dandy; President & CEO,Donny Barstow; VP of Sales,Traci Small; and COO, Victor D’Aurio
  11. How long did it take you to get the mud out of your ears (lol)? Three showers!
  12. What was your favorite memory of the entire experience? When Victor bounced off the muddy log, twice! Donny made it up the Ninja Warrior wall, and Traci showed skill when ax-throwing at one of the vendor booths before the race started. Jim and Traci successfully did “The Mudder Shuffle!”