Looking to transform your office into a digital workplace but not sure where to start?  

Have you already gone digital but know you could be saving even more time and money? 

No matter where you are in the process, our solutions are bound to help alleviate you from frustrating and tedious processes and improve efficiency within your organization 

This roadmap was made just for you. It provides a structured framework for content digitization, process automation, analytics and more.    

Phase 1 – Digitize Documents

Create an electronic filing cabinet by converting your document from paper to digital.

Benefits of Digitizing Documents: 

  • Stop printing invoices, checks, purchase orders, and more  
  • Scan the paper, or store the digital 
  • Quit manually filing and start digitizing 
  • Reduce physical storage cost 
  • Mitigate risk of data loss 
  • Manage shared/restricted access easily 

Phase 2 – Organize Documents

Categorize your documents and manage them in a secure, central location.

Benefits of Organizing Documents: 

  • Logical/Consistent naming convention 
    • Example: Vendor Name_Invoice_Date 
  • Centralized location 
  • Reduced data entry with automated naming/filing  
    • Filed based on vendor, amount, and other criteria 
  • Collaborative 
  • Fewer duplicated work tasks 
  • Retention schedules streamlined 

Phase 3 – Automate Processes

Improve accountability by digitizing your business processes with easy-to-use electronic forms. 

Benefits of Automating Processes: 

  • Standardized and mapped out invoice intake, routing and approval 
  • Preset rules and escalation points 
  • Integration/linking your ERP to your ECM 
  • Electronic forms to replace paper/manual data entry (T&E process, purchase requests, budget transfers) 
  • Automated capture of invoice vendor info 
  • Built-in workflows for approval, routing, and notifications 

Phase 4 – Streamline Business Processes

Gain more visibility into your operations and increase the efficiency of cross-functional processes.  

Benefits of Streamlining Business Processes: 

  • Transparency into processes 
    • Where an invoice is, how long processes take 
  • Streamlined processes
    • With new data, you can create better and easier routing and approval processes.
  • You’ll receive reporting data from start to finish 

Phase 5 – Transform Processes

Drive innovation by leveraging predictive analytics and insight to transform processes. Allowing you to be better informed and make better business decisions.  

Benefits of Transforming Processes: 

  • Leverage reporting and analytics to transform and make business decisions 
  • Based on invoice volume or budget cycles, identify when to staff or plan 
Are you ready to digitally transform your business processes? Contact us today.