Congratulations to Brandon Waller, Employee of the Quarter

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The 2nd Quarter hasn’t gotten too far away from us yet! Join us in celebrating our Employee of the Quarter, Brandon Waller, Sales Ops Specialist.

Donny Barstow & Brandon Waller by the employee of the quarter parking spot
Pictured L-R: President & CEO, Donny Barstow, and Sales Ops Specialist, Brandon Waller

We asked him to share his story about his passion for words, experience in his previous career, the upward mobility at MCCi, and the cool stuff he gets to do now. Here’s what he had to say:

“I strive to make sure that the sales team feels fully supported by the ops team. Whether it’s just simple updates that something is going to take longer or being transparent about our processes so that we all understand how our departments work together, I really take the idea that ‘ops clients’ are the sales team and marry it with MCCi’s Client Lane philosophy so that we can work really well together. It seems so simple, but something like communicating a minor tweak to a process or suggesting a potential improvement to a quote can go a long way in helping the sales team do their best work.

I also think it’s important that the people I work with know that I appreciate everything that they do, especially when we’re all so busy and you never know how mentally exhausted someone else can be. It’s really important to be able to think critically and conscientiously because often times, the decisions we make with our clients have long standing implications. While my experience within the Food and Beverage industry didn’t directly translate to sales, my ways of thinking beyond the current situation and understanding the importance of building and developing good relationships, thinking through decisions, and mitigating risks actually have proven far more valuable here!”

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