Discuss an area that you’re proud of in regard to how your agency handled the necessary shifts related to COVID-19.



As the year comes to a close, we video chatted to interview members of our MCCi community to discuss the lessons they learned from 2020, how they were able to embrace hyperautomation amidst a global pandemic and what’s to come in 2021. This is the third blog in a four-part series to share what they learned.

Patty Schmidt-Reed, Denver RTD, Colorado: “RTD is a transportation district and we represent bus operators, train operators, mechanics, you name it. We always believed we were not able to work from home. It was a strictly work-in-the-office company. But I think that we have figured out that we really don’t need to go into the office. We can actually get many things done from home. A whole group of us are just thankful that we were able to do that and do it successfully. It’s just been an amazing transition to be able to do this.”

L’Cena Parsons, Collin County, Texas: “We’re very proud of our IT department. We’re big Laserfiche users and have a great application development team. My department and records had transitioned to automation with electronic forms prior to this pandemic. So, when we suddenly found ourselves at the County needing to try to help track cases before there was a dashboard for Texas, we were, within a few days, able to get a system up with healthcare to actually track cases. Once they were confirmed positive, we started the contact tracing and were able to give jobs to people remotely throughout the County.”

“We were able to put a process in place that served a need and create a dashboard for the public to be able to view these cases. We built contact teams and were able to train them in forms. They were able to make phone calls to the public and keep track of them on a daily basis of their symptoms and then update that. It was a massive undertaking, but it suited so many purposes. We were extremely proud for that few months that we had to do that.”

“While we were able to allow people to feel like they were doing something worthwhile, it also gave people money in their pockets because some of these employees, their jobs were not built to be remote at all. It was great to be able to offer them a job that they could do that helped so many. We’re very proud of our IT department, how we worked so closely with healthcare and the other departments.”

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