For our podcasters out there interested in Robotics Process Automation topics, you’ll want to check out our technology partner’s, Blue Prism, latest episode of their podcast titled Generation Digital Workforce: Skill Building in the Era of Digital Transformation.

If you’re curious about the collaborative potential of human and digital workers to transform the future of work, this podcast is for you!

About the Podcast: Generation Digital Workforce is a podcast dedicated to exploring the role of Robotic Process Automation and other digital and cognitive technologies in achieving enterprise digital transformation. You’ll hear from leading experts and thought leaders in RPA, AI, Machine Learning, and more about innovations, best practices, tools and resources that are shaping the Digital Workforce.

About this Episode: Digital Transformation can be revolutionary for companies but may be disruptive to their employees who don’t feel prepared for the change. In this episode, Michael Marchuk talks with Mark Herschberg, author of the Career Toolkit book, about how employees can strengthen their skills to prepare.

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