It's time for our 2021 Excellence Awards Nominations!

In 2020, our team witnessed how your organization pivoted quickly and moved mountains to accommodate the needs of your customers, internal and external. This year, we see the trend continue with rapid responses to customer and community needs as the acceleration of digital transformation is pushed by all parties involved. Annually, we celebrate the innovative process improvement strides you made in your industry, and it is that time of the year again. You may submit projects completed the beginning in the first quarter of 2020 until now for consideration.

Application Finish Line is Friday, July 30, 2021. APPLY OR NOMINATE TODAY

Project Award Categories

  • ROI celebrates the project that made the biggest impact on your organization.
  • Teamwork recognizes your whole team for their innovation with technology, especially Laserfiche, your content services platform. There is no “I” in team; we want to know why you believe your team is the best!
  • Process Improvement shines light on your favorite project – big or small. What project are you most proud of from the past year?
  • Emerging Project acknowledges a project you plan to kick off in the next six to 12 months to future-proof your organization with an existing budget, CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act and/or ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) funds.
  • Content Services Project of the Year encompasses the essence of the following categories: ROI, Teamwork, and Process Improvement.

We know these accomplishments would not be possible without your hard-working, innovative-thinking, and Laserfiche-loving employees and co-workers. This year, we decided to take a moment to celebrate the people behind the scenes that make the magic happen. Do you have an employee or co-worker that stood out to support the needs of your customers, team members, and/or community? We want to hear about your rockstars. It is time to recognize their challenging work and dedication to process improvements.

We invite you to nominate Laserfiche innovators within your organization for this year’s People’s Choice Innovator Awards!

Performance Award Categories

  • Technology Leadership represents an individual who takes charge to improve business processes by use of Laserfiche across your whole organization.
  • Process Improver highlights a team member that jumps on hyperautomation (the application of multiple solutions combined to accomplish business processes) opportunities to increase the effectiveness of strategic teamwork and collaboration while decreasing the number of resources needed to accomplish projects.
  • Change-Maker recognizes a person who brought positivity, patience, and a smooth change management approach to necessary process improvements.
  • Emerging Leader spotlights an employee who recently started working with Laserfiche, quickly adapted, and spearheaded automation improvement projects with your team.