Future-Proof Your Government Operations

We understand your priority and need to future-proof your organization’s services to sustain a level of excellence and efficiency, both making a positive impact for your team internally and for the public experience through technology innovations. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the new legislation includes provisions and resources for your government agency.

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About ARPA

March 11, 2021, our country established the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, also known as: H.R. 1319 or ARPA. The $1.9 trillion package addresses the continued public health and economic impacts of COVID. We breakdown the 242-page Act in our on-demand video, American Recue Plan Act – Ask the Experts.

Educational institutions, state, county, local, and tribal agencies have access to ARPA funding.

President Biden’s early executive orders included more than a dozen with specific language related to mechanisms for improving service delivery, which revealed a core area for GovTech and CivTech work. The opportunities are endless. Take time to read through specific use cases that apply to your needs by visiting our client success stories and resources that offer up specific guides, white papers and on-demand webinars at your fingertips.

Many of the provisions are IT-related. For example, specific sections of each Act open up chances to offer new or improved broadband access for students to connect with educational resources, and for the public’s use of digital government services in more convenient ways. This also means your administration gets to accelerate your digital transformation too!


Modernize Government Services

It is clear that broadband access is just as important as our roadways and infrastructure. Quality access to the internet is essential for every family, student, worker, hobbyist, poet, philosopher… and it’s needed to continue improving upon our nation’s strength, leadership and public service. Your agency may use the CARES and ARPA funds to meet the rising digital expectations of your citizens and staff for generations to come.

Set Up Framework

“The push to remote work along with enhanced digital services provide the framework for the future of government. The dollars should be used to bolster what you have, modernize what you need, and kickstart new and different approaches to citizen services.”

Source: GovTech
Technology Funds Are Flowing: Is Government Ready

Restructure Virtually

“Why not invest in virtual restructurings where integration, collaboration, and citizen services could occur in a real 21st-century manner?”

Source: MeriTalk Insights
Technology Modernization Fund: Dreaming & How to Fund IT Fixes Right Now

Spotlight Tech Ops

“It’s not very hard to go online and see a news article about broken insurance sites, vaccine registration, unemployment delivery, etc. The crisis has put a big spotlight on the work that needs to be done at all levels of government.”

– Rachell Dodell, Executive Director, Coding It Forward


Turn Your Vision Into Reality

Let’s make a plan, together! We work closely with industry consultants to ensure we provide accurate and beneficial information for our clients to operate, respond, and serve their employees and community. We will continue to provide more information and resources for your benefit as the details are published. Complete the contact form below and let us know you want us to inbox you the content and we’ll keep you informed the moment new information comes available!


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