What makes us one of the best places to work?

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What makes us one of the best places to work?

Audrey Copeland / Feb 15, 2019

MCCi has been a family of stellar employees who have a heart for client success and delivering impeccable customer service since 1998. We offer the ingredients you would expect from a larger corporation, such as the robust benefits, schedule flexibility, growth opportunities, and a safe and fun work environment, in addition to operating profitably in a highly competitive industry.

What differentiates MCCi from the rest is our Executive Team’s focus on hiring the right people, setting appropriate goals with accountability, and creating a culture that has great energy, is challenging, and laser-focused on growth.

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Let’s start with adding the right people as the main ingredient. We are a fast-paced technology company, which fosters an environment for people who want to grow in their careers. We have a ‘whatever it takes’ attitude when it comes to finding qualified staff. We screen on-line applicants, offer a bonus package for internal referrals, and attend job fairs to seek out our workforce. Once we find qualified candidates, we conduct a series of interviews, including phone calls, in-person visits and group interviews from various departments. Ensuring that team members are a good fit for our company culture is just as important to us as making sure they are qualified to handle their responsibilities. Thankfully, we have the superstar team that we have today because of our company’s commitment to hiring only the best.

Goals, goals, and more goals. Did we mention goals? While many may struggle to establish high-level goals for their organization, MCCi lives and breathes them! We go through an intense 60-day process to ensure departmental operating plans and objectives are aligned with our company goals, and that each staff member understands the role they play in achieving them. And then we revisit those goals, refine and celebrate our milestones together. All that work translates into our staff understanding where the company is going and how they can help us grow. We post our goals for everyone to see and we celebrate when we crush them. Our growth is fueled by amazing, passionate people reaching their goals for the company and their personal lives too. While the benefits we offer, the hiring process we go through, and the goal setting we do all play a role in creating an amazing culture, MCCi goes above and beyond to add our own personal touch to everything we do, big and small. Not more than a few days go by without a social hour, dress up contest, chili cook-off, or other event happening to bring us together, and yes, we even include our remote team via video cams because, hey, we’re a technology company! You may even catch our staff playing Wii in our Fiche Tank, getting their work out on in our on-site gym, known as ‘Jim’s Office’, or hanging outside for a game of basketball when they need a break. We work hard, and we like to focus on what brings us joy and what refuels us to enjoy working with each other to crush goals for our clients’ benefit. Our culture is the key to our success.

If you’re looking for a career change and to work for a company like MCCi, check out our positions available and apply today!


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