UnityECM Merges with MCCi

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/ Aug 10, 2018

UnityECM (UBS), a Laserfiche provider in Virginia, along with MCCi, the largest Laserfiche provider nationwide are excited about the recently announced merger.

“We are ecstatic to welcome the entire UBS staff to the MCCi team. The team’s commitment, combined with our company culture to providing top-notch service will support the client to achieve their goals,” said Donny Barstow, president of MCCi. The UBS clients will now be supported by more than 30 Laserfiche Gold Certified professionals and join 900 MCCi clients using Laserfiche every day.

MCCi provides the solutions to streamline and automates business processes – saving the client’s time and money.

If you are a UBS client and need technical support, please contact us at (850) 701-0737 or support@mccinnovations.com for immediate assistance.


UnityECM Tech Support is
now available with MCCi
Call (850) 701-0737

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