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Emerging Technologies for Local Government

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As each year passes us by, we innovate and evolve, personally and professionally. Not long ago, we were excited to digitize our documents, and it seems as though operations evolved to advanced technologies and transformed the way we worked overnight.

According to the Center for Digital Government, cities and counties plan to implement digital assistants through robotic process automation.

Robotic process automation (RPA) is an emerging technology that your organization will want to adopt sooner than later to keep up with the pace of demand for services. The cost savings and human centric design for performing repetitive, mundane tasks benefits your entire organization and improves customer service overall.

Additional technologies listed include:

Digital workers (assistants), also known as software bots, are configured and deployed in a manner that allows them to execute process tasks anytime. At the same time, your employees can spend more of their time strategically and positively impacting your organization with these types of emerging technology implemented. Learn more about our RPA technology partner, Blue Prism, and get started with process discovery today!