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2021 Excellence Awards: Recognizing People Driving Innovation

employees celebrating on a hilltop

In 2020, our team witnessed how organizations pivoted quickly and moved mountains to accommodate the needs of customers, internal and external. This year, we see the trend continue with rapid responses to customer and community needs as the acceleration of digital transformation gets championed by all parties involved. Annually, we celebrate the innovative process improvements our clients accomplished – it’s that time of the year again. We are pleased to announce the winners of this year’s MCCi Excellence Awards! 

Project Awards

The Process Improvement Award shines light on a favorite project – big or small. The winners are:

City of Fayetteville, Arkansas, for their pandemic response to staff and their community with online request forms for incentive programs and request for new utility services.

Volunteer Florida, Florida, automated the accounts payable process for volunteer agencies to submit reimbursement requests, reducing the turnaround time from three months to 30-days.

The Automation Project of the Year Award encompasses the essence of ROI, teamwork, and process improvement. Join us in applauding:

Williamson County, Texas, digitally transformed the evidence lifecycle management for the County and District Attorneys’ offices with secure online portals for both law enforcement agencies and defense attorneys as digital records are uploaded by agencies and shared with approved parties. The portals allow internal agencies to transfer any case-related digital files with agencies nationwide.

Innovator Awards

The Technology Leadership Award represents individuals who take charge to improve business processes by use of Laserfiche across their organization. Congratulations to the following:

The Process Improver Award highlights a team member that jumps on hyperautomation, the application of multiple solutions combined to accomplish business processes, opportunities to increase the effectiveness of strategic teamwork and collaboration while decreasing the number of resources needed to accomplish projects. Here’s to a job well done!

  • Mark McIntyre, Cabarrus County, NC

The Change-Maker Award recognizes a person who brought positivity, patience, and a smooth change management approach to necessary process improvements. Way to go!

  • Ellen Alexander, School District of Lee County, FL

The Teamwork Award recognizes the whole team for their innovation with technology, especially Laserfiche, a enterprise content services platform. For their teamwork and collective efforts, we give this honor to:

  • Records Department, City of Georgetown, TX

Join us in celebrating this recognition for each of our winners, as an organization and an innovator in their industry. We think our clients are the best and we are so proud to learn alongside you!

After the events of the past year, perhaps the most significant legacy of the MCCi 2021 Excellence Awards will be to remind us that we share a mission to free people from manual business processes so they can grow, and their organizations can prosper.