Integrate Laserfiche and BS&A to create an end-to-end system for financial records management.

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Case Management

Standardize and automate case management to give case workers easier access to information, help stay organized, and reduce paperwork.

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Building Sustainable Forms Processes

In this video, we share use cases for electronic form and workflow to empower you to operate, respond, and serve your community and employees.

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Consulting Services

Our automation consultants work with you to create roadmaps, finish every detail on your projects, and guide you on to the next.

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Contract Management

Automating contract approval processes allow your staff to better operate, respond, and serve your employees and customers.

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Electronic Forms

Electronic forms create an efficient process to reduce missing information, provide secure access, and improve reporting.

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Grant Application Management

Simplify the complexities of grant management with a centralized process and document management solution for your grant life cycle.

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HR Onboarding

Our HR software automates your onboarding process, freeing you from mundane tasks and ensuring a positive new hire experience.

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Our experts custom design your digital transformation solution to fit your needs for enterprise content management, automation, and more.

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Intelligent Document Processing

Use Intelligent Document Processing to enable your digital workforce to access and better understand the content needed to complete tasks.