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Using Laserfiche as a Gap Filler

When you discover gaps in your tech stack, it’s natural to have a knee-jerk reaction to invest in more software systems. But this unsustainable approach usually costs more in the long run.

Instead, invest in business process automation (BPA) that fills existing holes while preparing you for future issues. It allows you to work more efficiently, instead of just putting a Band-Aid on the problem – or throwing out old software entirely.

Laserfiche is a flexible, proven enterprise content services platform that improves your organization’s efficiency with the technology you already have. Read on to learn how one forward-thinking city utilizes Laserfiche to connect platforms and avoid unnecessary additional purchases.

The City of Fayetteville

The City of Fayetteville, Arkansas, has found success using Laserfiche as a gap filler to support their organization’s needs. Instead of acquiring new technology each time a problem appears, they now use Laserfiche to extend the use of their current content service platform by integrating it with their existing solutions. They implemented Laserfiche as a gap filler in 2016 and now use it in almost every department in the city.

For instance, as home to the University of Arkansas, close to 50 percent of Fayetteville’s housing is rented. Their existing software (while robust) didn’t fill the specific need for short-term rental forms. Fayetteville was able to fill in the gap with Laserfiche, which supplied the functionality they needed and solved the problem at hand.

Filling Future Gaps

Keith Macedo, the City of Fayetteville’s Information Technology Director, and his team are now focused on training various departments to use Laserfiche so they can fill future gaps as needed.

“We’ve seen a lot of people be really successful extending the use of their content services platform by integrating it with their other solutions,” said Macedo. “For instance, if something like contract management comes up, or a citizen-facing process, we don’t have to get a new technology each time we need to solve a problem.”

One benefit of training employees to use Laserfiche is that it allows them to recognize opportunities to implement it in their daily tasks.

“If someone in one department supports a major application, and they also know how to use Laserfiche, they can say, ‘I see this lack of functionality in this application,’” said Macedo. “’I know what Laserfiche can do. Let’s use Laserfiche as a gap filler to support that.’”

Typically, when an office invests in a software system, it may have as many as 5,000 features, says Macedo. Even if your organization uses 1,000 of those features, there are likely features you do not use, and features that it does not have.

“Laserfiche a great tool to augment the applications you have, or you can use it as a standalone."

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