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Grapevine Embraces Business Process Automation

Lawrence Steed and Shawna Barnes, City of Grapevine

Lawrence Steed, MCCi Territory Manager, interviews Shawna Barnes, Business Process Manager, City of Grapevine, Texas

The city’s primary method of documentation was through hard copies, carbon documents, and routing by hand. They relied heavily on filing systems and the entry of over 106 forms and 74 workflows.

For performance evaluations and status change forms, the city used a cumbersome process that involved an excel spreadsheet, sending several emails, hand routing documents for signatures and having to manually enter these into their Human Resource database.

This entire process often took months to complete.

The Solution

The use of Laserfiche Forms became the city’s standard for document storage and automation.

As a result of digitizing, they were able to save time, remove over 25 filing cabinet systems, streamline their workflows and automate about 1,200 documents.

In automating the burdensome performance evaluation and status change form processes, they tied in their HR database and created dynamic evaluation forms that allow their staff to easily track these documents, add comments and send reminder emails.

Our automation allows us to reduce paper, streamline processes and free up staff to focus on higher priorities,” said Shawna Barnes, Business Process Manager, also known as the ‘Goddess of Workflows’.

The city has also improved document sharing between the city and public safety officials such as 911 operators, police officers, and firefighters who serve a critical role in answering and responding to emergencies.

These officials no longer experience a delay in viewing necessary documents from multiple departments and can use them to effectively assess situations in the field.

The City of Grapevine built-out additional processes in Laserfiche to assist with Accounts Payable, Police Training and IT Management.

[Laserfiche] has completely changed many business processes within our city and will continue to streamline many more in the future. We as a city are collaborating more than we ever have,” said Barnes.

The ‘Flood of 2019’ happened when records were located in a water tower that was under construction and a line broke! They were so thankful so have had almost all records already digitized so it wasn’t a huge loss.

Shawna is looking forward to more operational opportunities with Laserfiche in the future for their jail system, records dispatch and a lot on the fire side as well.

As an island amongst herself, any type of issue she finds herself in with Laserfiche, the MCCi support team steps in quickly to fix so they can keep things moving!