Thought Leadership

Our leadership style creates a positive environment dedicated to the success of our clients and our people. Their mindsets demonstrate leadership working for our people to enhance their growth, which in turn, accelerates ours. There is a strong bond between our organization and the clients we serve. Many say it feels like a family working for and with us. Our leaders are trendsetters that challenge and inspire us to drive in the Client Lane everyday.


Meet Our Leaders

Donny Barstow headshot

Donny Barstow

President & CEO

Victor D'Aurio

Victor D’Aurio

Chief Operating Officer

Shawn Herman

Shawn Hermann

VP of Information Technology

Gareth Cales

Gareth Cales

VP of Technology Innovation

Logan Di Liello

Logan Di Liello

VP of Mid-Market Sales

Traci Small

Traci Small

VP of Enterprise Sales

Nikki Roche

Nikki Roche

VP of Marketing


Our Leadership Rocks

When you read our Core Values, you will learn we are unreasonably picky about our teammates – leadership included. They cultivate the strong dedication to our code and core values, and work tirelessly to empower our clients and team to succeed. This mindset demonstrates leadership working for our people to accelerate their growth, which in turn, accelerates ours. Here are examples of how leadership serves.


Innovation and evolution are an essential part of leadership’s role in improving existing infrastructure, systems, and processes to develop new ways of conducting business.

Finish Lines

Leadership prevents missing deadlines and the need to rely on others for reminders to complete tasks, and when other priorities arise, they communicate with stakeholders to adjust timelines.

Positive Examples

They keep their word, take responsibility for their actions, think proactively, mentor others, listen and learn earnestly, and drive personal and professional growth, to name a few.


Working SMARTer, not harder. Every agenda discussed and followed through by leadership possesses specific, measurable, assignable, relevant, time-based criteria – every ounce of which our team is held accountable.


True to their word in all they do, they are dedicated to building trust amongst our clients and team.

The Client Lane

Our mantra is a commitment by our team that clients are our number one priority. Our leadership is genuine, always available, responsive, and resourceful.

Strong Relationships

Relationships are the only thing that get us through the tough times, and increase employee retention in the most stressful situations. Communication is key.


They set and inspect goals, KPIs, and operational plans. Metrics are valued, consistent, and provide accountability.


Transparency, especially during tough times, shows commitment to the success of our clients, our team, and our organization. The open-door policy allows for open communication with every client and team member.


Celebrating Milestones & Our Culture


Contact Our Leadership Team

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