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Digital Workers Make Your Job Easier – in the Office or Remote!

Automation for anything and anyone, with low code to no code configuration capabilities, allows you to add digital workers within your organization swiftly!

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Join Donny Barstow & Mike Pazuki as they navigate you through robotic process automation capabilities to increase productivity.

Automate Manually Intensive Tasks & Highly Repetitive Processes with Software Robots

It’s time to add a phase to your digital transformation plan. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Intelligent Automation (IA) can transform your organization and improve overall efficiencies while making your employee’s work-life better! We dive into these industry terms, share examples of what digital workers accomplish, and essential technology needs to fit into your Business Continuity Plan. This webinar includes:

• What is Intelligent Automation?
• What is a Digital Worker?
• Popular Process Examples
• Case Studies


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