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JustFOIA Tools for Redacting Sensitive Information & More

Having JustFOIA’s redaction software at your fingertips while working in the system will make redacting sensitive information a breeze.

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Redacting Sensitive Information Made Easy

Say Goodbye to the Not So Trusty Sharpie Marker!

Redaction tools can be complicated, requiring multiple clicks and the need for using third-party software. With the all-new JustFOIA internal redaction tool, you can cut time in half with a process that lets you accomplish what you need within the system. Fear not! If you utilize Laserfiche or Adobe Acrobat to redact information on your records, we have that covered too.

This webinar shows how to use JustFOIA's in-app redaction tool, Laserfiche and Adobe Acrobat plugins. Other features, like business process automation with workflow, payment processing, time and materials, and communications are also discussed.


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