Leverage Information for Better Business Decisions.

Business managers have many responsibilities in modern organizations. You may be in charge of operations, staffing, customer service, and more. We know those responsibilities come with paperwork and lots of it! Business process automation and electronic records management are the keys to your operational efficiency. If you get that part right, excellent performance is sure to follow. MCCi empowers you to gain efficiencies and ensure your department stands out for all the right reasons.

Our Solution Features Include:

  • Business
    Process Automation

  • Digital Records

  • Workflows to
    Ensure Compliance

  • Integrations with
    Business Applications

How We Help

  • Design Business Process Workflows
  • Build Electronic Forms
  • Scan & Archive Back Files
  • Integrate with Mainline Business Systems

How to Refine Your Accounts Payable Process

The Florida League of Cities began searching for a document management solution to help manage their Claims, Accounting, Risk Control, and Underwriting departments.