The Final Order: Paperless Case Management.

Imagine a day that you don’t have to copy case files, carry heavy boxes to other departments, or miss a pickup from the courier. That day is possible with the technology and services that enterprise content management provides. This technology not only saves District Attorney’s staff time, but it provides notification to the defense attorney with new case assignments, instant access to all case documents (including media files), and advanced keyword searching for easy lookup in all case files.

Key Solution Features Include:

  • Security and Backup

  • Long-term File
    Storage and Retrieval

  • Instant Document

  • Advanced Search

How We Help

  • Integrate with Case Management Systems
  • Scan Back Files
  • Configure Process Workflows

What Our Clients Say...

  • “The benefits far exceed the initial cost incurred in setting up the system." Houston County District Attorney's Office (GA)
See what the defense attorneys see when they work with our solution for case management.

See it in Action!

Think about the time you will save by integrating your Tracker solution with Laserfiche. Just as Athens-Clarke County DA has done, you can securely share and view evidence or discovery files – instantly!

During a recent webinar, we shared how to:

  • Integrate with your Tracker solution to benefit everyone
  • Securely share discovery and evidence files
  • Streamline your case files from the beginning to end