Improve Finance Business Processes.

The accounts payable (AP) process touches every department within your organization. When the AP process is inefficient, it doesn’t just make your life difficult – it costs money. A variety of organizations across industries made dramatic changes to the performance of their AP function by digitizing and automating the process with content services management solutions, slashing the time required to make payments and eliminating conflict, miscommunication, and re-work. Managing other finance processes such as p-card requests, travel reimbursements, financial paperwork, and more have benefits for going electronic too.

Key Solution Features Include:

  • AP and AR
    Accelerated Processing

  • Built-in Regulatory
    Compliance Workflows

  • Personal Task

  • Easy Integration
    with ERP Systems

How We Help

  • Scan Back Files
  • Design Digital Forms
  • Configure Process Workflows
  • Automate Filing & Naming Workflows
  • Integrate with Great Plains,
    Incode, MUNIS, Eden, Lawson,
    PeopleSoft, and Oracle Financial Systems

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