Public Records Made Easier.

MCCi designed an affordable, easy-to-use, web-based, hosted solution to help public sector organizations manage and track public records requests. With JustFOIA, you can track request status, assess fees, take notes, customize notifications, and even make the requested documents available on a Public Portal. JustFOIA can also help you stay in compliance.

The Decision is Simple:

  • Improve

  • Enhance

  • Mitigate

  • Expense

JustFOIA At-A-Glance

Why JustFOIA?

As the largest Laserfiche provider in the country, we heard first-hand from our clients the overwhelming need for public records request system. MCCi assembled a client focus group to understand the strengths and struggles that come with processing and staying in compliance with open records requests. This focus group has grown over the years and is vital to the development, features, and functionality of the JustFOIA solution.

Key Features

  • Customizable Forms with Required Fields
  • Document Uploading Capability
  • Public Records Tracking Portal
  • Individual User Permissions
  • Multi-department Task Routing
  • Fees and Time Estimates
  • Invoicing and Payment Processing

How City of Naples Improved Transparency to an A+ Rating

Transparency government continues to be a concern and growing topic for both citizens and government agencies. Employee turnover and the desire to improve transparency to their citizens is what led the City of Naples (FL) to find a better solution.