Human Resource Management, Simplified.

An effective system, customized to align with your company’s objectives and workflow processes, enables your organization to manage human resources well. Having the right solution in place may ensure organizational success long term.

Key Solution Features Include:

  • Secure Confidential
    Records by Design

  • Access Employee
    Files Instantly

  • Ability to Automate
    Task Assignments

  • 3rd-Party
    System Integrations

Human Resource Management isn't for the Faint of Heart!

Let’s face it, Human Resource management isn’t for the faint of heart. There is a ton to manage when it comes to the number of tasks that must be accomplished in order to stay compliant with federal and state laws. If you’ve experienced the paperwork involved in the process of recruiting staff, processing performance evaluations, taking corrective action, approving vacation requests, submitting transfers, and hiring and firing, you know that it’s too much paperwork for anyone to manage well at an enterprise level.

Paperwork processes lead to wasted resources, inefficiencies, and mistakes due to manual data entry. Have no fear, working with less paper is here!

Bryan ISD uses the Laserfiche mobile app for employee onboarding to collect confidential information.

How Can We Help?

  • Automate Processes for Recruitment
  • Convert Employees for Off-boarding
  • Simplify New Staff Systems Set-up
  • Schedule Employee Records Retention Timeframes
  • Evaluate Employees with Electronic Forms
  • Simplify Time-Off Requests
  • Process Digital Benefits Enrollments

The Idaho Falls School District had a problem - they simply had too many file cabinets!

It all started with the need to eliminate the filing cabinet system for organizing and storing past student transcripts.


Learn How Bryan ISD Used Laserfiche Workflow and the Laserfiche App to Transform Their HR Department as a Whole

Bryan Independent School District, located in Bryan, TX, has been providing quality public education since 1880. Bryan ISD serves more than 16,000 students, has been renovating and adapting campuses over the past several years to ensure that the schools serve student populations at their best.

The district previously relied on a paper-driven employee onboarding process. During the district’s busiest period they onboard 300 new employees in a period of three months! The process required eleven distinct forms for each licensed employee in addition to copies of documents like I-9 forms and driver licenses. As a result, the process of onboarding took up to an hour and thirty minutes as the new employee reviewed, completed and signed each form. A paper routing sheet was used to track each employee through the hiring process. District staff made copies of the documents and stored them in the appropriate employee files. The paper workload was so great that it required Bryan ISD to hire temporary employees just to file the HR documents.

Fortunately, Bryan ISD found Laserfiche as their document management solution and have since become an influencer for the education community to make waves of change for the better! Bryan ISD used Laserfiche Workflow and the Laserfiche app to transform the HR department as a whole. “HR estimates that it has reduced its annual staff costs associated with document management by over $350,000, as compared to the previous paper process,” says John Rokenbrod, Software/Records Analyst at Bryan ISD.

John Rokenbrod, Bryan ISD, shaking hands with his Account Manager, Lawrence Steed
John Rokenbrod, Bryan ISD, shaking hands with his MCCi Account Manager, Lawrence Steed, at Empower 2019.

Learn more about the transformation of employee onboarding processes at Bryan ISD.

Watch How Laserfiche Forms Can Help Simplify Your Human Resource Management Processes

About Laserfiche Forms

Laserfiche Forms help you reign in the mountains of paper forms that you may currently be drowning in!

With Laserfiche, you’ll have the ability to generate web forms in a matter of minutes, not hours! You’ll be able to securely capture data and automate form submissions while routing to the appropriate departments. Choose from a library of 110+ pre-built forms and process templates and customize them based on your organization’s needs. It will also allow you to review and approve submitted forms by directly responding through Outlook emails. And process histories will be archived, even when existing process workflows have been updated.

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