Introduction to the Laserfiche SDK

The Laserfiche SDK is a powerful software development toolkit to extend your enterprise content management capabilities with the creation of custom solutions. The SDK has the same programming interface that Laserfiche developers use in all client-facing applications.

Key Solution Features Include:

  • Builds Custom
    Process Applications

  • Queries Laserfiche
    Fields and Metadata Easily

  • Enhances Integrates with
    Other Systems

  • Allows Image Uploads
    to your Laserfiche Repository

How Steves and Sons Manages Claim Processing in the Field

How Steves and Sons Uses Laserfiche SDK

As the nation’s third largest door manufacturer, Steves and Sons produces 3.5 million doors annually. They needed a way to ensure that, from manufacturing to delivery, everything was documented thoroughly and their doors were not damaged. Discover how they decreased the volume of claims by 50%, simply by using Laserfiche Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software.

SDK Libraries

  • Laserfiche Server Objects (LFSO)
  • Document Processor
  • Client Automation Tools
  • .NET: Repository Access
  • .NET: Document Services
  • PDF Exporter
  • Java Repository Access (JRA)