Comprehensive and Automated Agenda Workflow

With so many moving parts to managing legislative agendas, steps can be overlooked or items can be inadvertently dropped. Using a completely automated, round-trip legislative workflow solution can save staff countless hours while helping them maintain legislative accuracy. Our solution allows government staff to easily manage the entire legislative process from start to finish. From drafting files, through assignment to various departments, to final approval, this suite is an automated solution designed to reduce workloads and create a more efficient method for managing decisions.

Key Solution Features Include:

  • Create and Manage
    Agendas Items

  • Automate
    Agenda Approvals

  • Organize, Store, and Retrieve
    Electronic Documents

  • Generate Reports for
    Staff, Citizens, and Council

How We Help

  • Legislative Workflow Configuration
  • On-site and Remote Training
  • Laserfiche Integration
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