Transform the Way You Work with NC FAST.

North Carolina Families Accessing Services through Technology (NC FAST) is a state-mandated solution to improve the way the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services and county departments of social services do business. To improve the services provided at the local and state level, NC FAST is designed to streamline the application process and provide better case management capabilities across services. The problem? It creates duplicate efforts of data entry for the caseworkers. See how we change that.

Key Benefits:

  • One-Step Processing
    for Better Efficiency

  • Time-Saving Automatic
    Uploads to NC FAST

  • Mitigate Risk with State
    Compliance Requirements

How We Help

  • Document Capture for the Repository
  • Workflow Activity Design
  • Reduce Manual Steps in Your Process

Did you know that 70% of counties in North Carolina use Laserfiche?

Agencies and caseworkers are facing manual data updates in multiple systems. This causes inconsistent data entry and human keystroke errors.

NC FAST Bridge removes the human error factor and ensures that state-mandated record-keeping compliance is met.

The NC FAST Laserfiche Bridge includes the Federation Services to seamlessly link from your Laserfiche repository to NC FAST system, and it automatically transfers required documents from the county to the state system without adding any additional steps to the caseworker’s process. Now that is a big deal!

The Laserfiche Bridge simplifies the process of saving new documents to NC FAST. As each document is scanned or saved to Laserfiche with the required NC FAST Fields, Laserfiche automatically saves the document to the NC FAST System and stores it to the appropriate record. After this process is complete, the caseworkers will have access to the documents directly from the NC FAST documents screen, along with a back-up copy in the local Laserfiche system.

NC FAST Laserfiche Bridge Workflow Diagram