Simplify Purchasing Document and Process Management.

Purchasing departments have many business processes in progress at any given time. From insurance policies to vendor agreements, bid solicitations, and procurement, the processes are endless. Also, the time it takes to approve a contract can be as significant as the content of the contract itself, and slow, manual contract processing reflects negatively on an organization’s ability to provide excellent services. Purchasing department depend on document-driven processes that, in a paper-based environment, can be laborious and inefficient.

Key Solution Features Include:

  • Store department
    records for easy access

  • Expedite contract

  • Easily search and
    retrieve paperwork requests

How We Help

  • Digital Signatures
  • Electronic Forms
  • Workflow Configurations

How Ada County Highway District Automated the Bid Procurement Process

Before ACHD implemented Laserfiche Workflow, the bid procurement process was cumbersome and paper heavy.