Control Access, Retention, and Stay in Compliance.

MCCi knows that two of the most critical components of managing your organization’s documents and information are security and compliance. Our software has robust security at both the hardware level and within the application. Access can be restricted for groups, individual users, folders, documents, metadata, down to the most granular of levels. Redaction, audit trails, and a suite of other tools allow for almost total control. With the correct structure in place, many aspects of compliance can are preset. Automatically classify documents, apply retention schedules, file, enforce policies, send notifications, and generate reports as needed.

Key Solution Features Include:

  • Total
    security control

  • Automate

  • Complete
    audit trail

  • Retention
    schedule flexibility

How Wichita Falls Manages Municipal Court Files with Laserfiche

It’s clear to see Municipal Courts needed a way to lessen the amount of paper they were generating as well as streamline some of their labor intensive business processes.