Increase Efficiency Enterprise-Wide.

Public services agencies are challenged to serve their constituents as well as maintain efficiency. These responsibilities come with paperwork, and lots of it. To ensure you are operating most efficiently while providing top level service to those you serve, managing records electronic and automating business processes is key. Finding these efficiencies will make your department and your organization looked upon favorably for meeting goals and levels of service on a day to day basis.

Key Solution Features Include:

  • Business process

  • Electronically file
    and store records

  • Ensure
    records compliance

  • Integrate with
    main line business applications

How We Help

  • Records Management Consulting Services
  • Business Process Configuration and Training
  • Integration with PowerSchool and Skyward
  • Integration Services and Development

How North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality Leverages Laserfiche to Improve Compliance

The Department receives approximately 1,300 applications per year for water quality certifications, a permit that is required when a project will impact waterways or wetlands.