The Problem

FBMC Benefits Management, Inc., (FBMC) headquartered in Tallahassee, FL, has been an industry leader for 42 years, providing comprehensive employee benefits services and management. Throughout the past 42 years, however, they have been processing their clients’ paperwork manually, creating a process that generally took about 25 days in total to complete. Client paper forms and business processes also varies between each company that FBMC works with, adding to overall processing times. In that 25 days of processing, FBMC would have to manually track the paperwork to each department until it arrived at its destination. This created hours of labor for multiple individuals and increased the probability that something would go missing in the time span of the 25 days. If something from the document would go missing, or be misplaced, the entire process would have to start over again, causing frustration and countless hours of labor having to be re-worked.

The Solution

With the implementation of Laserfiche into their process, FBMC has eliminated the chance of misplacement and error, and freed up invaluable hours of labor. FBMC is no longer using a traditional scanner to scan in paper documents that arrive at their facility; instead, they are using an OCR Handwriting Analysis Scanner and Canon IRIS in conjunction with Laserfiche to input historical data into Laserfiche faster, and decrease the chance of many common errors that come with having to decipher the handwritten text.

For instances that are not handwritten, FBMC uses Laserfiche Forms integrated with their software Common Remitter, an in-house data system that is used to house important historical information, cutting labor hours and processing time so they may better serve their customers.

With the implementation of Laserfiche in their organization, FBMC saved more than 50 hours a month in labor costs and hundreds of dollars a month on storage fees.

The labor costs are being saved since now it is not one person’s job to manage and oversee the manual document as it travels from person to person in each department in the organization. Storage savings occur because FBMC no longer has paper documents to store, so they no longer need a warehouse to store documents.

Example of document in FBMC Laserfiche Repository

While FBMC already implemented their Laserfiche solution, they intend on adding even more processes into Laserfiche in the next year. The goal of the company is to have at least 90% of their documents electronically, and use Laserfiche to implement their solution for more than 200,000 different document types. Along with the monetary value saved, FBMC is also saving its client’s time with the speed of their processing.

As previously mentioned, manual document processing used to take around 25 days from start to finish; with the implementation of their Laserfiche solution, FBMC cut down the time of document scanning to five to seven days from start to finish.

Sairylee Cherry shares advice for people thinking about adopting a Laserfiche solution for their organization, “This is a great tool for any organization that desires to process documents quickly. Take your time and put your Laserfiche platform together so that it really meets the needs of your clients. This is great software to stay organized.”