How Idaho Falls School District Automated 27 Business Processes with Laserfiche

It all started with the need to eliminate the filing cabinet system for organizing and storing past student transcripts.

The Problem

The seventh largest district in their state, Idaho Falls School District 91 serves more than 10,000 students within 18 schools. The District is committed to creating environments that empower and engage technology for their students, faculty and staff. This includes simplifying their records management and business processes. From new hire applications, the on-boarding process and employee evaluations to student transcripts, student services and physician referrals, Laserfiche Forms and Workflow is now the solution for more than 22 business processes.

It all started with the need to eliminate the filing cabinet system for organizing and storing past student transcripts. The Laserfiche custom folder structure and an extensive text search feature was just the beginning of what Laserfiche provided the District.

• IEP Student Services
• Transcript or Immigration Requests
• Student Accident Reports
• Incident Management
• Works Compensation Reports
• Technology Equipment Check out
• Matching Funds Requests
• Summer Print Job Requests
• Employee Address and Phone Change
• Purchasing Card Request & Modification
• Mileage and Reimbursement Requests
• Personnel Actions for schedule, promotions or salary changes
• Employee Transfer Notifications
• Employee Evaluations (90-day and annual)
• Resignation and Retirement Notices

“The Laserfiche custom folder structure and an extensive text search feature was just the beginning of what Laserfiche provided the District.”

The Solution

Here are a few examples of how the District has expanded their Laserfiche system beyond records management.


A student in need of a physician’s referral to receive student services through IEP requires an authorization form to be filled out by the case manager and their physician. Using the internal district snail-mail system (often referred as The Turtle), the form would make its rounds through the approval process, often taking up to two weeks. Once the form received all the approved signatures, the manual filing of this record would complete the process. All the information was hand-written and manually entered into the IEP system for archiving. This was a time consuming process for the estimated 1,900 request forms received each year.

Now, with Laserfiche Forms and Workflow, the student services request is available in an electronic form. An integration with PowerSchool allows the form to auto populate specific student data. Once the information is captured through the electronic form, Workflow routes the form to the case manager for approval and notifies the physician of the referral approval request. With a few simple clicks for the digital signature, the form is approved. Since the form is automatically and consistently files the form in the student’s file folder within the Laserfiche repository. An additional copy of the form is submitted to IEP for archival purposes as well. This business process has been reduced from several weeks to just a few days.


From the employment application and on-boarding process, to the personnel actions and resignation, it all starts with human resources. With more than 2,000 employees relying on the HR department, Laserfiche was a simple solution to coordinate all the details.

Each employee is assigned log in information to the District’s Intranet. Once logged in, the employee has access to electronic forms.

The Intranet integrates with Skyward, the District’s HR ERP solution, allowing forms to auto populate specific fields with the employee’s information, saving time by eliminating the need to data search.

The District has automated many business processes that previously required printers, ink/toner, time processing and confirming the accuracy.


The District took the calculation out of mileage reimbursement. The employee no longer needs a calculator or maps to submit for reimbursement. A drop down option allows for selection of destinations, promoting calculation of the total miles and the current reimbursement rate. With a digital signature on a touch screen device or with your mouse, the reimbursement form is on its way to the supervisor and finance department for final approval.


The District’s finance department issues p-cards to select employees to ease the accounts payable process. Requesting and issuing these cards can cause a bottleneck of problems in the process. The purchase card request form offers a convenient way to accurately capture the cardholder’s information, provide card holder policy and procedures and a digital signatures.

While capturing the card information is important, the true power of Laserfiche Workflow is put to work after the submission.

The Workflow below shows the approval process among the necessary departments. Once the card is requested at the financial institution, an email is automatically scheduled to be delivered to the employee after five days. This email provides the school’s policy and procedure for a p-card and the process for submitting the monthly statement’s expense report. At any point in this process, you can check the status of a request.


For every employee schedule or salary change, promotions, or new hire, a personnel action form must be filled out. Each school would go through stacks of paper each week to process these forms. Now, with the personnel action form available on online or on a mobile device, the District took the paper out of this process and notified supervisors and payroll with just a few clicks.

“Without Laserfiche Forms and Workflow, the District’s business processes were very time consuming on the employees and consistency was difficult,” said Blake Smith, software support analyst for the District. “As part of our implementation plan, we started with three schools, before deploying to all district schools. The school principals are encouraged by the new processes to standardize forms, capture accurate information and the advanced features to search for documents.”

The District continues to automate their business processes. The finance, operations and maintenance departments are working to implement the Laserfiche solution in the next school year.