About Us

MCCi is a premier provider of intelligent business process automation solutions, and a trusted partner to over 1,600 organizations across state and local government, education, and select commercial entities throughout North America. Through our JustFOIA and GovBuilt software platforms, and as the world’s largest Laserfiche solution provider, we prioritize service. Our solutions suite and commitment to client delight enable us to positively impact the lives of our clients and those they serve.

Our Vision

Graphic depicting 1 Million People

We want to make a difference in your team’s lives. It is our vision to free one million people from manual business processes so they can grow and their organizations can prosper.

Our History

In 2003, we established MCCi to primarily focus on assisting organizations with their records management and document digitization. Shortly thereafter, we achieved our goal to become the largest Laserfiche Solution Provider by empowering our clients to take their operations paperless. As technology changed and our clients’ needs evolved, so did our team of IT Consultants – taking a hands-on, strategic approach to their clients’ business processes and operations. From the very beginning, our team adopted technology solutions within our organization before releasing and rolling out for our valued clients.

In 2010, we went through our own Digital Transformation journey and we are now a consulting company with expertise in Business Process Automation and we provide our clients with leading hyperautomation technologies. Our team carries a fierce commitment to being your end-to-end services provider. What’s our approach? We go all-in staying true to our culture code and leadership philosophies! More than 1,300 organizations trust us as their IT services partner and believe that strong relationships and talented people lead to successful outcomes.

Our Core Values

MCCi core values

We Operate in the Client Lane

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Clients are the heart of our company and culture. Their needs provide the trajectory of our service and product offerings, and growth – personally and professionally. We are not a company whose departments operate independently, rather, we create a collaborative environment with a common goal to support our clients. Working in silos would risk losing focus on our destination – our client’s success. We are all on this adventure together in one lane, the Client Lane. Every person who joins our team impacts our culture and should be fully committed to merging into the Client Lane.

MCCi has the most committed, intelligent, and innovative professionals in the industry. We are a team ready to create next-level results with the courage to try something new. Without focusing on our clients, we will not reach our destination. Clients First, Always.