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Paper-based processes provide a unique challenge to convenience stores and fuel distributors with multiple locations. We can improve your business process operations.

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MCCi Solution

C-Stores Are Transforming Processes.

We assist convenience retailers and petroleum wholesalers to run more efficiently by transforming the way they capture, use, share, process, and store information. We understand the unique challenges convenience stores face with paper-based processes and are committed to creating a scalable, ROI-centric solution that complements your ERP and other back-office systems.


Top Processes C-Stores Automate.

We work with some of the largest c-stores and fuel distributors across the country to transform business processes.

C-Store Paperwork

Accounts Payable

Non-Trade Vendor Invoices



License Expiration Dates

Fuel and Freight BOLs

Electronic Forms


Top C-Store & Fuel Distribution Experience

“We chose MCCi as our Laserfiche VAR [now Solution Provider] over several other companies and could not be happier with our choice. In the four plus years we worked with MCCi, they helped streamline many of our business processes, including AP, Contracts, and moving documents from our remote locations to our home office. Prior to our Laserfiche installation, we had paperwork coming in from almost 100 remote locations that could take a week or more to get to the main office. Once at the office it would have to be checked in, reviewed, and filed.

With Laserfiche and MCCi’s help, paperwork flows automatically into the office from the remote locations, is checked in by the system and is ready for review within minutes of being scanned at the remote location. When we need a document we no longer have to dig through boxes of paper, we just make a few simple mouse clicks and the document is presented to the user on their computer monitor.

MCCi’s knowledge of our industry has been a tremendous asset in helping to design solutions that work for us.

We are not just experts on Laserfiche but also on other products that integrate with Laserfiche.
This is one of the key reasons that we have been able to eliminate many four drawer file cabinets filled with paper documents, and reduce many hours of filing. They have also helped us integrate other products that work with Laserfiche into our environment including ABBYY FlexiCapture to help with our A/P process, and Ratchet-X to help pull data from our other third party software into Laserfiche.

Our accounting and auditing staff love the ability to easily find documents and tie them out to the A/P, banking, and other systems. With the documents being available almost immediately we are able to stay on top of potential issues and get them resolved before they become major problems.

MCCi has a dedicated and knowledgeable support staff that has always been there to help us in a timely fashion. Great technical knowledge is not helpful if you have to wait days to get the help you need. MCCi has always been quick to respond to any support requests we have had, usually within an hour or two, and get us the answers we need to solve our problem and get us back up and running. In a recent issue with a piece of third-party software, MCCi went above and beyond as our advocate to help get the issue resolved and us back up and working. They continued to work with the vendor to ensure the issue was resolved permanently and would not happen again to us or any other clients.

Customer support is currently one of MCCi’s strong suits.

I am very happy with MCCi as a solution provider and would recommend them to anyone looking for a partner to help with a Laserfiche installation and configuration.”​