Reduce C-Store Operating Costs

Paper-based processes provide a unique challenge to convenience stores and fuel distributors with multiple locations. We improve your business process operations.


Automate manual tasks to improve efficiency and accuracy.

Say goodbye to the hassle of paperwork! With our automated system, paperwork from remote locations seamlessly flows into the office and is ready for review within minutes of being scanned. No more digging through boxes of paper – with just a few clicks, documents are instantly presented on your computer screen. Efficiency and convenience at your fingertips.

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Non-Trade Vendor Invoices

· Invoice Capture
· Routing Notification & Approvals
· GL Coding
· Direct Data Upload to PDI
· Instant Access in PDI

Instantly Retrieve Store Paperwork

· Bill of Lading Capture
· GL Code Validation
· Routing Notification & Approvals

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Fuel & Freight Invoice Processing

· Bill of Lading Capture
· GL Code Validation
· Approval Routing
· Direct Upload to PDI

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Enterprise Automation Solutions

· Contracts Terms
· Permit Applications
· License Expiration Dates
· Employee Onboarding
· Purchase Order Requests


We are trusted by top c-stores in the nation.

MCCi’s knowledge of our industry has been a tremendous asset in helping to design solutions that work for us. MCCi specializes in cutting-edge technologies. We’ve revolutionized our document management by getting rid of bulky file cabinets and manual filing processes. Plus, we’ve seamlessly integrated Laserfiche with our main business systems, allowing for easy data retrieval and a centralized source of information.

When it comes to our Laserfiche Solution Provider, MCCi was the obvious choice, and we couldn’t be more delighted with our decision. Working with MCCi for over four years has allowed us to simplify numerous business processes, such as accounts payable, contracts, and document transfers between our remote locations and headquarters. Before we adopted Laserfiche, paperwork from nearly 100 remote sites would take ages to reach our main office, causing delays and inefficiencies. But now, thanks to MCCi’s expertise, we have a streamlined system for receiving, reviewing, and filing documents.


Explore more automation.

Between inflation, oil prices, labor market, and the rise of electronic vehicles, the current economic outlook for c-stores (convenience stores) is a mixed bag.

What can c-stores do to protect your profit margins in these uncertain circumstances? Advances in technology can both increase revenue and decrease operating costs.