Public Records Requests, Simplified.

MCCi developed an affordable, easy-to-use, web-based solution that was designed to help public sector organizations manage and track open records requests. With JustFOIA you can track request status, assess fees, take notes, customize notifications, and even make the requested documents available online with our new Public Portal! JustFOIA can help you stay in control of your records management and remain compliant with federal and state FOIA laws.

JustFOIA Solution Overview

Let's Make Your Job A Breeze

Manage everything related to freedom of information inquiries internally in one easy-to-use, cloud-based, hosted solution. Stay in FOIA compliance and beat the bottlenecks when it comes to processing public records today.

Having your FOIA requests management solution available online will significantly reduce the amount of time and cost associated with processing open records requests. Your citizens will be able to: submit new requests, search the public records archive, track the status of their requests, and view their submissions with or without an account. And with our team’s ability to customize integrations for document repositories, we’ve got you covered when you need to bridge that gap.

How We Help

  • Improve FOIA Compliance
  • Reduce Overhead Associated with Processing PRRs
  • Easy-to-use, Cloud-based Records Management
  • Customize with Your Agency's Brand
  • Provide Common Public Records Requests Archive
  • Customizable Integrations with Document Repositories, Including Laserfiche
  • Create Email and Invoice Templates

Learn How City of Naples Improved Transparency to an A+ Rating

“We needed a program that would act as a tracking system, allow online submissions and meet the needs of the entire City, not just the Clerk’s office.” ~ Pat Ramosk, City Clerk