OneSpan Sign Digital Signatures

OneSpan Sign balances ease-of-use with the highest levels of security and compliance to deliver a risk-free digital signature solution for all your business needs.

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Proven Digital Signature Provider with Best-in-Class Experience

As a leading digital signature solution, OneSpan Sign has a broad knowledge of automating complex signing workflows in highly regulated markets. With over 25 years of best-in-class experience, we have a team of solution consultants, technical support, and product experts with deep domain expertise who are wholly committed to your success with OneSpan Sign.

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Why Choose OneSpan Sign?

Digital Signature solutions handle all aspects of the signing process. You gain peace of mind knowing that documents are secure throughout their lifecycle.

Industry Pioneer

25-years of electronic and digital signature experience.

Industry Pioneer

Standards-Based Signing

Supports a broad range of signing certificates that adhere to global standards.

Standards-Based Signing

Scalable Solution

A centralized platform and integration to maintain security, compliance, and performance.

Scalable Solution


Embrace Digital Signatures

OneSpan Sign supports a broad range of options to verify the identity of signers prior to giving them access to documents. Unlike most e-signature solutions, OneSpan Sign uses digital signature technology to tamper-seal documents after each signer and invalidates documents if any changes are made. This built-in security ensures the integrity of the e-signed document.

OneSpan Sign makes it easy to access details about the transaction to prove compliance. Audit trails are permanently embedded within the e-signed document for easy, one-click verification. In addition, this is the only e-signature solution on the market to capture a visual audit trail of how the signing process took place – as experienced by the signers.


Which Processes Benefit from Digital Signatures?