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Lean on us for all aspects of professional services to fast track your digital transformation.

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Every step you take, we'll be there.

Our consulting team is an agile partner ready to accomplish end to end services or augment your staff. Strategic clients collaborate with us as an extension of their team. We start by joining the initial meetings with stakeholders to identify the pain points, gaps in automation, scope out the projects, determine the best technology to use, and then build, train and support on the solutions implemented. Next, we start the process all over again for your next project and accelerate growth and success within your organization!


Why Choose MCCi Consulting Services?

As an extension of your team, we work with you to create roadmaps, finish every detail on your projects, and guide you on to the next.

Requirements Gathering

We meet with stakeholders to understand the day-to-day operations and vision for your digital transformation goals.

Confirguration & Implementation

We apply best practices to your custom configurations and see you through the implementation process.

System Integrations

You can trust our end-to-end solution experts. They will evaluate and recommend the best path to your system integrations.

Project Management

Our certified project managers ensure expectations are met and, hopefully, exceeded.

Change Management

Change is difficult and worth it! We will work together with your team to overcome their fears.

Solution Training

We will not leave you empty-handed. Our custom training will ensure smooth end-user adoption.


Consulting with Us Solves Resource Constraints


While Fayetteville created much success on their own, they had a little help along the way by partnering with our professional services team! “We chose to use MCCi’s consulting services because we had resource constraints. We were getting more requests than we could handle,” Melissa Jenkins admits. “When they called and said, ’hey, we have a solution,’ we jumped on it because we have more work than we can do ourselves. It was a great decision, and it works out perfectly, our users see a familiar face. It is genuinely an extended arm as if they are with us in house.”

“Not to mention that I love your support team, I know them by name,” adds Jenkins. “They’re very professional, accommodating and I’ve NEVER had an issue!” Campbell chimes in. “We love the engagement we have with MCCi. It’s just a natural partnership. Success breeds success.”


See What Our Clients Say

“MCCi’s staff are not just experts on Laserfiche but also on other products that integrate with Laserfiche. This is one of the key reasons that we have been able to eliminate many four drawer file cabinets filled with paper documents, and reduce many hours of filing. They have also helped us integrate other products that work with Laserfiche into our environment including ABBYY FlexiCapture to help with our A/P process, and Ratchet-X to help pull data from our other third party software into Laserfiche.”

“MCCi’s knowledge of our industry has been a tremendous asset in helping to design solutions that work for us.”

IT Director, Bob Pierce, Forward Corp


Contact Our Solution Consultants

We put clients first, always. Our team is ready to show you the MCCi difference. Send us a message and we will follow up with you in one business day.