The Training Center for Laserfiche

This comprehensive website provides an easy, cost-effective way to provide training videos for your technology solutions to all users within your organization.

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Video Training Programs.

Successful solution implementations are often combined with employee training programs to make the transition a smoother process for all. From basic users to administration training, you can empower your employees to feel confident working with your technology solutions at play. With a subscription to The Training Center for Laserfiche, users can access 500+ short training videos – growing daily! In addition, you may upload your training videos or work with our team to create custom courses to fit your needs. We designed our online platform with you in mind.


Top Reasons to Subscribe to the Training Center

By providing access to training videos, your employees have the opportunity to get their questions answered quickly.

Customize Training Programs

Create training courses specific to your organization’s processes.

Improve Learning Curves

Train your team quickly with ready-to-go training courses.

Get Questions Answered

Training courses for basic, advanced, and admin users.

Provide Unlimited Access

500+ on-demand videos for every topic and feature.