ABBYY Digital Intelligence

ABBYY transforms how companies manage processes to drive value through document capture, digitization and management. ​

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Intelligent Data Capture for Smarter Decisions

ABBYY develops intelligent technologies that empower enterprises, and allow workers to achieve greater efficiency, accelerate decision-making, and drive revenue. ABBYY technologies integrate across the entire information life cycle, ranging from scanning and document recognition to data capture and text analytics.

Why Choose ABBYY?

Their team of industry experts impress our solutions with the these concepts:


Enabling solutions that are easy to design, deploy, and use.


Leverage ABBYY’s technologies to drive better processes.


By deploying for many processes across an organization, you can better align functions.


Everest Group names ABBYY as a Leader in its latest Intelligent Document Processing Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2020.

A better way to work

Document Recognition, Data Capture, and Language Processing.


Built on Artificial Intelligence principles, ABBYY technologies leverage deep learning methods and multi-level analyses. They can process text, documents, and data in the same way that the human brain would analyze them – yet faster, in continuous flow and much greater volume, eliminating manual work, and streamlining document-intensive processes.