AI-Powered Document Processing

Automate high-volume processing of all document types. Then, turn that raw data into valuable insights to improve efficiency, customer experience, accuracy, and compliance.


Your organization’s data is spread across invoices, purchase orders, claims, IDs, waybills, and delivery notes. It’s stored in emails, chatbot conversations, spreadsheets, paper documents, and PDFs.

And up to 80% of that data isn’t in a format that can be used for automation—meaning many of your core business processes are error-prone, inefficient, and expensive.

Intelligent document processing takes data in virtually any format, making it machine usable. This allows you to automate manual document tasks to improve efficiency and accuracy.

ABBYY Vantage transforms Intelligent Document Processing by simplifying the configuration, training, and deployment of solutions that handle complex tasks.

Process All Types of Data​

The ABBYY Vantage platform is equipped with essential AI-capabilities for effortlessly handling all types of documents and data. Whether it's structured, semi-structured, or unstructured, and whether it contains machine printed text, hand printed text, barcodes, signatures, or check boxes, intelligent document processing has you covered.

  • Structured, Unstructured, and Semi-structured data
  • Handwritten text
  • Barcodes
  • Signatures

Out of the Box Trained Skills

Save time and get faster returns with pre-trained document skills. Process and analyze 45+ document types right out of the box.

No-Code/Low-Code Custom Skills

A citizen developer can train AI in new skills to process custom forms or document types in 30 minutes or less. Machine learning means the AI gets better at reading the new document and requires less human intervention over time.

Business Insights

AI classifies documents and extracts indexes, turning mounds of data into valuable insights. Make informed decisions where it matters most: Customer experience, competitive advantage, visibility, and compliance.

System Integrations

Connect ABBYY Vantage to your ERP or other business systems for straight-through processing and seamless automation.

Private Cloud Deployment

Gain enhanced security, scalability, and performance on Microsoft Azure. You retain better control over tenants for data governance purposes.

How it Works











What Our Clients Say...

The City of Coppell needed to make its time-consuming accounts payable process easier on all end users. They gave it a dozen random invoices to test out the ABBYY solution. The AI digested each of them and provided the data at 99% accuracy—even capturing the correct metadata needed to process their AP. 

“This is a great tool for any organization that desires to process documents quickly. Take your time and put your platform together so that it really meets your needs. This is great software to stay organized.”


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