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Success with E-Signatures in State and Local Government

White Paper The more governments integrate digital technology into operations, the greater the need for e-signatures. A range of government transactions require approvals and signatures. As each of those transactions migrates to digital form, signatures involving pen and paper no longer fit in a technology-driven marketplace. Without e-signatures, governments can’t fully realize the benefits of …

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Content Services Buyer’s Guide

Learn what CSP is, why organizations need it, and how to procure a CSP for your organization by downloading our buyer’s guide in this form.

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The Future of Work in Government

White Paper Today, large factories employing task-based workers and machine operators produce much of what we buy. Behind the scenes, a huge workforce of customer support staff, computer programmers, database analysts, and other professionals make it all happen. The pandemic has accelerated the next wave of change into overdrive. Huge numbers of baby boomers are …

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Laserfiche Cloud Readiness Assessment

It’s very clear, moving to the cloud is a priority for almost everyone. We know that no client is the same – neither is your journey to the cloud.