Laserfiche Cloud Readiness Assessment

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What's your organization's cloud readiness score?

It’s very clear, moving to the cloud is a priority for most everyone. We know that no client is the same – neither is the journey to the cloud. Our core values reflect that we care deeply about serving our clients and maintaining a solid reputation for always doing what’s right – even when it’s not easy. We used Laserfiche Forms to create a chatbot assessment tool to help us make the right recommendations for you based on your:

  • Current Laserfiche deployment (version, # of users, # of forms and workflows)
  • Security requirements (data security regulations requirements, login configuration, hosting)
  • Infrastructure and integrations (current infrastructure investment and capabilities)

Please take 10 minutes to answer a few questions to receive your custom assessment report detailing your readiness to move to the cloud.

This assessment and associated report is just the first step (not considered to be conclusive) in understanding your unique requirements. We have several cloud options to explore. Rest assured we are your committed partner in your journey to the cloud and will do the right thing for you – always.