System Integrations

Increase productivity by integrating your applications for a seamless process flow.

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Reduce Duplicate Data Entry.

It is difficult to automate processes and connect critical information in multiple systems. By integrating your various systems, information is shared across your organization for seamless workflow and collaboration.

Information can be extracted from databases to populate forms, documents can be shared with other mainline business systems, and user interfaces are created to navigate between applications.


Why Are Integrations Important to Your Strategy?

Whether you have a new application with a published API or a legacy system without any options, we will find a way to integrate your solutions.

Database Lookups

Increase efficiency with a streamlined end-to-end process.

Web Services

Maximize modern tools for your integration.

In-Application Access

We integrate seamlessly with your ERP, legacy systems, and other business systems.

Custom Integrations

Our team is here to customize your system every step of the way!

API and Partner Integrations

We partner with industry-leading software companies to create user-friendly integrations.

Robotic Process Automation

RPA fills the gap for integrations lacking features or not available.


Learn About Our Custom Solutions


The NEOGOV integration with Laserfiche creates personnel files, saves essential applications and onboarding documents, provides searchable metadata, and applies records retention schedules – all automatically!

This seamless integration saves users time for a streamlined human resource solution. The integration currently works with Insight and Onboard, with more applications to come.

Key Features:

  • Automate Creation of Personnel Files
  • Import Personnel Files to Laserfiche
  • Setup Field Metadata Mapping
  • Establish Records Management Retention Schedules


You can automate accounting processes, records retention, and accounts payable workflows with your BS&A Software.

Key Features:

  • Works With All BS&A Financial Modules
  • Sends Any Document From BS&A to Laserfiche
  • Populates Field Data from BS&A to Laserfiche
  • Sets Records Retention Schedules


The EnerGov integration is a powerful tool that leverages the EnerGov document management API. This integration allows users to attach files to a record in the native EnerGov app and automatically store the attachments in their content services platform, such as Laserfiche. When saved, metadata is automatically applied to fields that are specific to the EnerGov module in use. More than 500 fields across the EnerGov modules can store automatically and apply a records retention schedule.

Key Features:

  • Instant Access from EnerGov interface
  • Sends Any Documents From EnerGov to Laserfiche
  • Simple EnerGov metadata field mapping
  • Enhanced search by text or metadata


The sky is the limit.

Whether you have a new application with a published API or a legacy system without any options, we will find a way to integrate your solutions.