Power your Automation with Integrations

We developed 30+ Laserfiche integrations to centralize records, reduce duplicate data entry, and create a seamless user experience.

Laserfiche + Infor Munis PDI SAP Accela Brazos BS&A EnerGov JustFOIA PowerSchool Salesforce SharePoint NEOGOV Peoplesoft Skyward Workday Boomi MuleSoft DocuSign OneSpan

Unmatched User Experience with Seamless Integrations

Whether you have a new application with a published API or a legacy system without any options, we find a way to integrate your solutions.

Database Lookups

Increase efficiency with a streamlined end-to-end process.

In-App Access

We integrate seamlessly with your ERP, legacy systems, and other business systems.

Records Retention

Secure and centralized records storage to ensure records policies are followed and reduce the cost of regulatory compliance.

Process Automation

Collaborate between business systems to effortlessly retrieve data from multiple applications.

Developed and Ready to Go Integrations

In a fast-paced and tech-savvy world, businesses depend on software to bolster their operational efficiency. But as these applications often operate in silos, and create a challenge for businesses to efficiently share data and simplify processes across different systems. This is where software integrations step in. Enabling businesses to integrate disparate solutions, software integrations promote better communication and collaboration, and help minimize errors and manual data entry.


Process documents into Laserfiche with metadata to kick start business process automation.


Archive records directly from Accela into Laserfiche and apply retention schedule.


Users upload documents to Laserfiche from ArcGIS. Laserfiche can query X,Y coordinates or an address in Forms or workflow.


Scalable process automation with over 100 application connectors for the top SaaS systems.

Brazos Enforcement

Archive citation records directly into Laserfiche.


From the BS&A interface, users view invoices, payments, and purchase orders stored in Laserfiche.


Send Laserfiche documents for signature, then automatically archive with the appropriate metadata.

EnerGov Permit & Licenses

Upload and view documents in the EnerGov interface, while offloading storage and metadata to Laserfiche.


Reduce invoice approval time by up to 80% and ensure accurate financials through automation.


Import records into JustFOIA, redact, review, and release the record to the requester.

Microsoft Dynamics

Archive records directly into Laserfche from the Dynamics application.

Microsoft Great Plains

Sync invoices and other documents from Great Plains and Laserfiche to reduce manual data entry.

Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint continues as the front end solution, while offloading documents into Laserfiche.


Automate your accounts payable process and retain searchable records in Laserfiche.


APIs that easily automate any workflow and system for your team.


Personnel files, applications, and paperwork are automatically created and stored in Laserfiche.

NIC Payments

Securely accept payments from customers and vendors with PCI-compliant NIC Payments.

OneSpan Sign

Sign documents and forms with military-grade security in a seamless user experience.


Automate AP approvals, then automatically import invoice information into PDI for processing.


Automate AP and HR processes and offload storage into Laserfiche to apply retention schedules.


Students and parents to submit requests and forms, then archive records directly into Laserfiche.


Archive documents directly into Laserfiche from various SAP modules.


Centralize a digital citizen experience to log in, status updates, forms, and more.


Archive student and employee records from Skyward to reduce printing and automate retention.

Tyler Content Manager

Archive documents and records directly into Laserfiche from the TCM application.


Automate HR processes and archive personnel records into Laserfiche.


Archive documents into Laserfiche and create Zendesk tickets from Laserfiche Forms.

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You can automate accounting processes, records retention, and accounts payable workflows with your BS&A Software.

Key Features:

  • Works With All BS&A Financial Modules
  • Sends Any Document From BS&A to Laserfiche
  • Populates Field Data from BS&A to Laserfiche
  • Sets Records Retention Schedules
BS&A Software Laserfiche Integration graphic


The EnerGov integration is a powerful tool that leverages the EnerGov document management API. This integration allows users to attach files to a record in the native EnerGov app and automatically store the attachments in their content services platform, such as Laserfiche. When saved, metadata is automatically applied to fields that are specific to the EnerGov module in use. More than 500 fields across the EnerGov modules can store automatically and apply a records retention schedule.

Key Features:

  • Instant Access from EnerGov interface
  • Sends Any Documents From EnerGov to Laserfiche
  • Simple EnerGov metadata field mapping
  • Enhanced search by text or metadata
Court Case Management


You can automate accounting processes, records retention, and accounts payable workflows with your BS&A Software.

Key Features:

  • Works With All BS&A Financial Modules
  • Sends Any Document From BS&A to Laserfiche
  • Populates Field Data from BS&A to Laserfiche
  • Sets Records Retention Schedules
JustFOIA public records requests management software


The NEOGOV integration with Laserfiche creates a seamless experience and saves users time for a streamlines human resources paperwork. The integration works with Insight and Onboard, with more applications to come.

Key Features:

  • Automate Creation of Personnel Files
  • Import Personnel Files to Laserfiche
  • Setup Field Metadata Mapping
  • Establish Records Management Retention Schedules