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How to Collect Digital Signatures in Laserfiche

From NDAs to subpoenas to driver license applications, the number of government documents requiring signatures is virtually endless. Fortunately, it’s easy to integrate your Laserfiche content services platform (CSP) with OneSpan Sign. It makes collecting and managing digital signatures a breeze for everyone.

Here’s how to collect digital signatures in Laserfiche and stop the paperwork tedium:

Steps to collect digital signatures in Laserfiche:

Step 1 : Create the signature form within Laserfiche.
It requires no coding knowledge or calls to APIs – just drag and drop the fields you need.
Step 2 : Configure your preferred authentication options.
OneSpan allows you to verify the signee’s identity in several ways. If the form is sent via email, the recipient is automatically verified with a unique identifier link in the email. You can add an additional layer of security by requiring the signee to enter a code that they receive through SMS.
Step 3 : Send the document for signature.
This can be done automatically if triggered by a Laserfiche workflow. For instance, a new employee may receive HR documents to sign as soon as they are approved for hire.
Step 4 : The recipient receives an email with the link to the document.
The Signee does not download the form, sign up for an account, or jump through any other hoops. They simply agree to terms of agreement, review the document, and submit their signature.
Step 5 : The document is automatically imported into the Laserfiche repository as a signed PDF.
If needed, you can then view the evidence summary – a detailed audit trail to show chain of custody and provide the validity of the signature.

Ready to start getting documents signed up to 80% faster?

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