NCPA 01-162

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MCCi is a business process automation company that accelerates digital transformation by adding intelligence to your processes. We are an IT services expert in delivering end-to-end Content Services and Intelligent Automation solutions. For information on MCCi’s products or pricing, please contact our offices.

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3717 Apalachee Parkway, Suite 201
Tallahassee, FL 32311
(800) 342-2633


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Quotes and Orders

Stephanie Wood
Vice President of Sales
(800) 342-2633 ext. 1768

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Order Fulfillment

Sarah Haddock
Director of Sales Operations
(800) 342-2633 ext. 1772

Products and Services

Blue Prism

Blue Prism brings the connected-RPA platform, an advanced technology ecosystem that puts the power of accessible, advanced cognitive technologies in the hands of your operational leaders.


Laserfiche is the leading content services platform for business process automation. Laserfiche software digitizes processes and manages information through powerful workflows, electronic forms, document management, analytics and more.

Managed Cloud

MCCi evaluated the best cloud options to fit our commercial and government clients’ needs, established the advanced security requirements, managed DevOps, and completed the Azure Fedramp Authorized process. Managed Cloud provides a secure and compliant environment without the worry of day-to-day management and reducing your infrastructure operational overhead and risk.


JustFOIA provides the easiest-to-use records request software to agencies nationwide. JustFOIA manages every step of the process from intake to delivery, saving valuable time through automating repetitive tasks, reminders, and communication with requesters and responders.

MCCi Professional Services

MCCi prides itself on providing high-quality professional services and support. These services are available for installationtraining, project management, configuration, and more to assist with your desired solutions.

Warranty and Return Policies

For software orders, within 30 days of order, if the software is not activated, a full refund is granted; if the software is activated, a 15% processing fee will apply. No refunds are granted after 30 days. All product warranties are limited to the manufacturer’s standard warranty provisions.