Laserfiche + BS&A

Turn your BS&A into an end-to-end financial system with Laserfiche. View invoices, payments, and purchase orders in Laserfiche from the BS&A interface.


Stop the manual data entry and double keystrokes.

The BS&A integration for Laserfiche is the key to streamlining records storage and management. This integration is a game-changer if you use BS&A and want to store your records in Laserfiche. 

Imagine storing documents with just a click, automatically mapping metadata, and updating information seamlessly. No more manual indexing! With this integration, you can create files in Laserfiche effortlessly.

Store documents in Laserfiche with BS&A direct access

  • Don’t switch between applications to find financial records
  • Reduce storage costs by decreasing duplicate data
  • Speed up your BS&A system by offloading document storage

Documents filing automation

  • Increase organization and consistent naming conventions
  • Less manual data entry
  • Less risk of human error
  • No manually creating, dragging, and dropping files into other systems

Apply retention schedules

  • Save time by not manually removing files
  • Reduce litigation risks

How it Works

Create Seamless Financial Records Management

What Our Clients Say...

“We chose Laserfiche because we needed an organized file and folder structure in the background that was easy to access and that was directly integrated with BS&A. The integration is absolutely providing the value that we hoped it would, and even more. We’re going to be long-term Laserfiche customers.”

“We have a dedicated MCCi Support Technician. It saves so much more time than having to re-explain the process to a new tech. They can remote in and resolve things quickly.”

Jason Keene

Longboat Key, Florida