HR Onboarding

Is your team drowning in paperwork requiring quick turnarounds daily? Make recruitment and retention of your employees at the forefront of your staff’s focus by removing distractions from the daily, mundane tasks.

Paperless Document Management Solutions
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MCCi Solution

Digital Onboarding - from Anywhere.

We understand the first few days on the job can be overwhelming for everyone involved in the onboarding process. Managers want new hires to quickly acclimate, and they have their jobs to accomplish too. Keeping the process paper-based makes everything messy, unsecure, and cumbersome.

How are you currently saving HR files – in shared drives, by printing documents to store in file cabinets, storage rooms, or a drawer in your desk? There is a better way, we promise! You can finally stop the bottlenecks and headaches that come with tracking paper documents.


Why Automate Your HR Onboarding Process?

An automated onboarding process ensures a positive new hire experience and organizational success. See how our innovative options can transform the way your organization works.

Electronic from the Start

Start the process with applications available on your website.

Requests & Approvals

Improve efficiency quickly by kickstarting your processes with workflows.

Onboarding Documents

We integrate easily with your ERP systems for a seamless transition.

Personnel File Creation

This isn’t a once-size-fits-all solution. We tailor our services for your unique needs.

New Employee Notifications

Our customer success team is here to customize your system every step of the way!

Integrates with Your HRIS System

Retiring older systems can be an overwhelming experience. We make data transfers seamless.


Providing Online Applications Tripled Submissions


Implementing Laserfiche allowed Osceola County Sheriff’s Department to streamline their business processes beyond a filing cabinet into business process automation.

“Our HR department used to have a filing room that was fireproof, and now all files are scanned in directly to Laserfiche. Our recruiting department used to only accept printed paper applications that you either had to come in to fill out or you could print from home. They were receiving around 50 applications a month with that system. The first month we implemented the online application, the applicants tripled, reaching up to 800 applications in one month alone,” said Haylee Glasscock, IT applications analyst.


Implementing Electronic Forms & Workflow Saved $200,000


“Over the last few years since we’ve had Laserfiche, we’ve added schools, we’ve had teacher/parent increases exponentially, maybe 500 additional employees. But during that time, our payroll and HR teams have maintained the same level of employees and we’ve been able to do that through electronic forms processes. So, we’ve been able to process more employees and maintain that level of employee retention and turnover with not less employees necessarily, but the same number for the higher number of employees,” shares Holly Veach, business office manager, Kennewick School District.


See The Process in Action.

We freed up more than 2,500 square feet of warehouse space because 500 filing cabinets and 75 pallets of file boxes (between student records and HR/Benefits) reduced to a total of 50 combined! The contents were imaged and brought into the Laserfiche content services platform (CSP). Our Human Resource Department estimates that they reduced the cost of internal copying of documents that are used internally and then discarded by one-third. Additionally, HR estimates that it reduced its annual staff cost associated with document management by over $350,000 a year with our current Laserfiche process, as compared to the past practice of filing only paper documents.” – John Rokenbrod, software/records analyst, Bryan ISD