HR Onboarding. Simplified.

With the nature of the department, Human Resources find themselves drowning in paperwork and processes that need to be completed quickly. An effective software solution enables your organization to attract, recruit, and keep employees. Having the right processes in place can ensure organizational success.

Key Solution Features Include:

  • Paperless
    from beginning to end

  • Comprehensive view of
    all new hire documents and tasks

  • Streamline routine
    personnel tasks

Process Features At-A-Glance

  • Records Storage Automation
  • Simple EnerGov Field Mapping to Laserfiche
  • View Records in Laserfiche Public Portal
  • Avoid Duplication of Records
  • Retention Automatic for EnerGov Records

Hear from our Client!

Nestled in Central Florida, Osceola County Sheriff’s Office is the largest law enforcement agency in the region. With more than 700 employees, the human resources department must stay up-to-date with the latest efficiency tools available for the agency to streamline and automate many historically time-consuming and paper-intensive processes.

In this recorded webinar, we discussed:

  • Automating the naming and filing of employee files
  • Automatic notifications to employees of pending tasks, approvals, transfers and terminations
  • System Integrations
  • Use of Electronic Forms for employee information, direct deposit, off-duty detail forms, and more

How Bryan ISD Transformed the Employee Onboarding Process

Bryan ISD used Laserfiche Workflow and the Laserfiche app to transform the HR department as a whole.