Enhance Performance with Laserfiche PowerPack

Optimize insights, reduce compliance risks, and automate maintenance to reduce the burden on your IT team and end users.

Supercharge Your Laserfiche System

Unlock the full potential of Laserfiche with Laserfiche PowerPack. From advanced workflow automation to seamless integration options, PowerPack enhances document management capabilities, boosts productivity, and streamlines your processes. Explore the numerous features and benefits of Laserfiche PowerPack today – your IT team will thank you!

Advanced Analytics

At-a-glance insight into usage of your system go beyond the standard Laserfiche reporting capabilities. You can identify anomalies, monitor system performance, and make proactive planning decisions. Reports include:

  • Statistics: View statistics on document size, number, and creation dates.
  • Usage: Analyze the number of documents created and modified in a given period.
  • Duplicates: Identify identical files to reduce storage and ensure users have the latest version.
  • Creators: Support frequent users list to make licensing decisions.

Email Retention

With the volume of emails your organization receives today, assigning retention schedules manually is a virtually impossible task. Our email tools make it simple—improving your ability to retrieve emails and reducing compliance risks.

  • Automate Retention: Store emails and attachments in folders with assigned retention schedules.
  • Avoid Inbox Fatigue: Analyze the number of documents created and modified in a given period.

PDF to TIFF Conversion

Converting PDF to TIFF enhances image quality, allows for compression, and ensures compatibility across various platforms and devices. Preserve the integrity of your documents while enabling easy sharing, printing, and archiving.

OCR Scheduler

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology plays a crucial role in making documents searchable. However, OCR can be resource-intensive in computational power and processing time. Laserfiche PowerPack’s OCR Scheduler allows you to schedule this conversion any time of the day, night, or weekend.