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From HR to IT, Haylee Glasscock Thrives With Technology

photo of Haylee Glasscock
photo of Haley Glasscock

Haylee Glasscock

IT Applications Analyst
Haylee has grown from overseeing new hire onboarding to implementing Laserfiche throughout her agency; and now manages various IT projects and acts as her agency’s Laserfiche administrator.

How has technology changed your career path?

When I started my career path, I was a part-time student clerk tasked with finding an ECM solution to digitize and store HR records. Our HR department used to have a fireproof filing room, and now all files are scanned directly to Laserfiche. At the time, our recruiting department only accepted paper applications filled out in person or printed from home. They were receiving around 50 applications a month with that system. 

Through research, I discovered that Laserfiche would be a good fit for our department’s needs and moved forward with implementation. My first project with Laserfiche was to digitize personnel files and enter them into our system. Without technology and this fantastic enterprise management system, I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this task. 

I quickly became a full-time human resources clerk and grew professionally into a human resource technician. My experience and involvement with Laserfiche were the catalysts for my promotions. As a millennial, I’m drawn to the technology that makes my job more efficient. Every day I strive to find ways for my agency to be more efficient through the use of technology, and that has ultimately shaped my career path.

Laserfiche allowed us to streamline business processes beyond a filing cabinet by enabling me to strengthen my technical knowledge and fully engulf myself in the Laserfiche community.

What are some technology initiatives you are most proud of?

The onboarding process modernized tremendously through technology. Our extensive paper application is now an electronic form available to applicants. Most of the background process is paperless with an electronic form integrated with a workflow—allowing the approver to view the applicant file on their mobile device and electronically sign the approval form. Technology allowed our department to better serve the more central agency, and I’m very proud of this work.

“The first month we implemented the online application, the applicants tripled, reaching up to 800 applications in one month alone,” said Glasscock.

What advice would you give women interested in pursuing technical roles?

I have always had a love for technology. I was the only kid in my class that used a palm pilot for my school agenda to remind myself about upcoming homework assignments rather than the school-issued spiral planner. Technology comes easy for me because I’m interested in it. I do not have a technical background, and as cliché, as it may sound, Laserfiche opened my eyes and steered me into a specialized field. I changed my college major to information technology to learn more about the industry.

“Advice that I would advise women interested in pursuing technical roles without the background would be to follow your passion and obtain certificates or attend training seminars.”